Monday, May 14, 2018

Meet Jewel... um... Mabel!

I liked Jewel's name and figured at five years old, she deserves to keep it.  But I kept tripping over saying it, for whatever reason.  We chuckled that as an old lady, she needed an old lady name.  Mabel was one of the first names we tried on (along with Bossy, from her black and white cow markings, and Bessie).  Mabel seems to be sticking.  So say hello to Mabel.

Mabel is a sweet, loafy pig.  She's curious and not afraid to strike out and explore.  But she tires easily and is a very sound sleeper.  I can't tell how much of that is just her age, or how much was from her previous living situation.  Her tendency to stay in one spot and some old wounds speak of small living quarters with another pig.  Her nails and leanness suggest she wasn't well cared for before she was surrendered.  She sucks down hay with abandon, so her teeth are in wonderful condition.  Her fur is soft and thick, so I'm thinking any neglect was recent.

Mabel reminds me of Athena when I first brought her home - she wheeks loudly when picked up, as if to say, "no! no!"  Then she settles right in and starts nosing about.  Athena loved to be held, just hated to be picked up.  Mabel seems to have the same attitude.

She's brightened up a lot since Thursday.  When she's up and active she doesn't stay in one place for long.  Weighing her is tricky, because Mabel is more than happy to leap out of the bowl.  She's only starting to grasp the treat schedule, but when she does, there's a nose and wheeking.  I suspect there will be no ignoring her when she demands dinner.  When Mabel wheeks, she is loud!

Mabel is a sweetie pie.  Squishy and soft, easy to pick up.  And I have to admit, I'm kind of excited to have an Abyssinian again.  She may eventually break my heart, but right now I am very glad to have adopted her.  She's home with me and a piggy friend and not alone at the shelter.  Mabel has settled in so quickly, which is such a nice surprise.  I also like that Wedgwood is far less needy now that she's preoccupied with another pig that clearly needs supervision (at least in Wedgie's opinion).

Welcome aboard, Mabel.  I hope you enjoy your time with us.


  1. She is so cute! The name really suits her 😀 How is she getting along with wedgewood?

  2. What a lucky guinea to go to such a wonderful home!

  3. Hello Mabel. I hope Wedgewood is treating you nicer now.

  4. What a cutie...! Hope she settles in nicely :) xx

  5. I love the name Mabel, it suits her. I love her black and white colouring. She will love living with you.

  6. Hi Mabel :) I'm so glad you're Wedgewood's new friend, wishing you a long and happy life together sweetpea xx

  7. you just described me altho I'm not sleeping as long as I used to. I like treats and talk loudly and am loafy and soft too


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