Saturday, November 21, 2020

Bad Boars, Bad Boars...

...Whatcha gonna do?

Well, maybe spend some time with Auntie Sally?

The Dakin shelter had a plethora of guinea pigs come in two weeks ago.  I had passed on fostering any because I didn't want to juggle new pigs and a new job.  But I got a call on Thursday looking for an experienced guinea pig foster.  A trio of 4-month-old boars had a falling out.  The worst wounded piggy was separated from the other two and was staying at the shelter.  I was asked to take the remaining two pigs:  one boar with set of scars and requiring antibiotics and one unscathed piggy that wisely stayed out of the scuffle.  

Say hello to Panda and Mango.

I am fully in love with Mango.  He may spend the two weeks getting snuggled a lot.  Which, oddly enough for a youngster, he seems to be enjoying.

Poor Panda has a split lip and a shaved butt that is covered with a dozen scabs.  Not very dignified.  When he gets older I'm sure he'll brag about his battle wounds - you should have seen the other boar!

They've been here less than a day and have settled quite nicely.  Panda seems unable to move anywhere without purring.  He is very curious and checked out most of the cage when he arrived.  Mango is not nearly so curious or bold - he immediately poked his nose in the hay, the pellets and the lettuce, then tucked in.  His attitude reminds me of Mabel:  as long as there's food and comfort, everything else will take care of itself.  No need to get worked up about your cage mates.

Neither of them panic when we walk by the cage and have already begun begging for treats.  There was wild popcorning and zooming as soon as I covered the cage last night.  Although there's a boatload of rumblestrutting, they seem very relaxed with each other and happily share the pellet dish and hay rack.  They call for each other when separated. 

So that's my two-week assignment:  medicate Panda twice daily and watch their behavior in case Panda decides he wants to beat the snot out of Mango.  Panda wants to be in charge; as long Mango retains his laid-back attitude, this will not be a problem.  I wonder what that third piggy did to have warranted such a brawl?


  1. Mango has quite the funky hairdo! I'm glad they're settling in - I bet you will take them back much calmer and more well-behaved!

  2. Oh My, y'all have your hands full with guests in the house.
    Happy Weekend!

  3. yea! take videos of them. (keep them....)

  4. They are so cute!! I am sorry to hear of the inuries to the two, but am grateful they are getting good care now. Stay chill cute little Mango! Love his fluff 😍😍


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