Sunday, November 1, 2020


After the snow the sun came out bright and cheery.  When the wind died down a bit, I rushed out to get photos of Creekbed.


I have so much fun making piecemeal quilts.  I made blocks to play with wavy strings until I had enough to construct a wall hanging.  Then I came up with this layout and needed to dream up some kind of setting triangles.  I made those and decided I needed some kind of border, which totally changed how I wanted to bind it.  Then, how should I quilt it? 


After adding the gold border, I decided to go with the grey stone binding.  This binding is a bit wider than usual to ensure the pebbles were visible (not so much in the photos, but they look good in person).  That led to squaring the quilt rather than adding a wavy binding, too.  The blocks were nearly square and true, so I cut the outer edge of the quilt measured from the points of the squares.  The center is truly centered, no matter what it may look like around the edges.


The border edges bunched a bit, so I dry blocked the quilt before the final cut.  That flattened it quite a bit.  Then I bound it (and again blocked one stubborn ripple on the left side).  My binding corners are improving!  These were nearly pointy. 

Normally I show off the quilting from the back.  This backing was so busy the quilting wouldn't pop in any of the photographs.  Too bad - I'd like to see the whole-cloth version of this quilt.  It's wild fabric, which is interesting all on its own. 


Someone suggested I need to do a series of these wavy quilts.  Given how much I enjoy this one and Ebb and Flow, I am inclined to agree. 

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  1. It came out lovely. Have you tried a different colored bottom thread to make the stitching on the back pop, or perhaps a different weight thread? Again I've seen that technique in the Fons & Porter series of videos, but someone else probably shows it on you tube somewhere.

  2. it's just lovely... like a creek bed for sure the quilting and colorful setting triangles add to it.

  3. I love everything about this quilt! Beautiful quilting, too.

  4. So beautiful, Sally! I loved your description of how this quilt was created - that just sounds like fun to me! The wavy string blocks are really great, but also the colors you chose to put together. Congratulations on your finish!

  5. O wow! I love this quilt so so so much!

  6. Creek Bed is beautiful. Love everything about it, especially that light blue border skipping around it. I rather like wider binding.


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