Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Bottomless Pit

I am currently fostering a pair of boars from the Dakin shelter.  It turns out that Mango is a bottomless pit.  He's constantly demanding a hand-out.

In the kitchen?  Wheeky-wheeky!

Filling the bird feeders?  Wheeky-wheeky!

Rattle the chip bag?  Wheeky-wheeky!

He's got Cannoli's wheekiness and Mabel's moochy behavior (and maybe a little of Pinniped's wavy nose).  The pellets disappear out of the bowl so quickly (well, Panda helps out a lot with that, too).  

 Oh, this pig needs squeezes! 



Just look at him.

Are you sure you don't have anything for me?!?!?  Because I'm pretty sure you're holding out, Auntie Sally.  See my skinny little legs?  I need to put some fat on those legs.  I'm a growing boy!

Feed me!


  1. I was just thinking they are at that age when boys never get full... "I hungry!!!"

  2. Mango must be going through a growth spurt!!

  3. Mango is indeed adorably squeezable. What a cute fellow he is. Why, I am a bit of a bottomless pit too, but alas no skinny legs here.

  4. Oh, he is a cutie - I would want to cuddle him all the time! Those are definitely some skinny legs!

  5. Are you fostering them? Were they the pair of young boars that was on Nevin Farm website last week?

  6. Oh my goodness, that boy has some personality!!! I have asked our local shelter about fostering - no news yet! Living vicariously through you!


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