Tuesday, November 3, 2020

November OMG: Quilt That Braid!

I'm realizing that a twin quilt is a lot bigger than a throw.  It is smaller than last year's queen... but now I realize why I like working with the wall-sized quilts.  

The plan is to improv quilt this thing.  I'm now reconsidering how to tackle it.  Lots of doodles.  Lots of hours browsing Pinterest and Instagram photos and videos (which look so easy with a longarm!).

I wanted to start quilting it this weekend, but my ideas hadn't quite jelled yet.  Soon, I hope.  I'm mostly fixated on flower designs.  Loopy, leafy, feathery stuff.  In the end, that's my November goal:  get the braid quilted.  I want it done so I can move my sewing machine back to its regular spot and start on some smaller projects.

There's a secondary goal as well.  It isn't fabric, so it doesn't really count towards a OMG:  this year's Sculpey ornament.  Traditionally this has been a storybook character.  This year I wanted to do something of the Orient, but don't have a book to base it on, which makes research difficult (there's a lot of Chinese and Japanese history, characters, costumes out there!).  My goal is to at least have a design and start working with the Sculpey before the end of the month.

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  1. I like those flower quilting designs. Good luck with deciding upon your Sculpey design.

  2. I find sometimes I need to sleep on a design before it can really come together. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. You are as always amazing. Good luck with figuring out what design to use for the braid quilt. I'll be looking forward to seeing it. I thought of a Celtic braid look when I saw it. I like the modern look you're heading for.


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