Thursday, November 19, 2020

I Like Thursday: Back to the Grind

Back to work this week.  I like that.  But I am wiped out every evening from learning and installing... and I haven't even started the real work!

Slowly making progress on the quilt - I'm just about three-quarters done quilting the top.  I suspect I'm going to run out of thread and time and not finish it by the end of the month.

When the bridge up the street was closed off, a sign was installed warning of the bridge was out.  That sign disappeared; then this one appeared.  Ever seen one like this?  The other oddity is that it doesn't face the north-bound traffic - it faces straight at the road.

Very strange.

I just finished The Orphans of Raspay, the latest in a series of short novels by Lois McMaster Bujold.  It's a fun set books (a continuation of her Five Gods world) about a mild-mannered powerful sorcerer possessed by bunch of wise and sassy female souls and the trouble they get into (and out of).

I am intrigued by this grid I found in my latest book (Metropolitan Stories).  Do you think by initialing it I will remember the story better?  Oh, my!  Shall I actually write in a library book?

I like writing in my journal.  My goal is to write weekly - which doesn't always happen.  But I find that writing things down helps to process events, work out and identify feelings and calms my anxiety.  It's like giving my mind a sweep and a tidy.


This fawn is one of a set of twins.  He came through the yard in August with a bloodied and broken right rear leg; looked like he'd been hit by a car.  He and his twin had been hanging out in the road a few days earlier.  Amazingly, he's still kicking (although the twin has disappeared in the last month).  The leg is a mangled mess, but the skin has healed and he can actually walk on it (he prefers not to stand on it, though).  I'm impressed with his determination.

Those are my likes for the week.  You can find more over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday


  1. Prayers the deer has a healthier life
    Thank you for the book recommend. The reading list is happy.
    Weird sign, I don't recall seeing one like it before. Maybe they forgot to add an arrow. I see online a bumpsticker L for learner, but that doesn't fit a bridge.

  2. hit by a car... I was almost hit this week, a car sped up to hit us as we crossed the street! Poooooor deer

  3. Oh that is a determined little deer. LOL I remember working, having to basically build a computer from the ground up with all the software, etc. I needed to do my job. I think it was more mentally exhausting than the job. Hmmmm the sign, interesting.

  4. That sign is interesting - I've never seen one like it before either! Glad you're getting started in your new job, although I know that can be an exhausting adjustment. Your book sounds interesting, too - I love reading the next book in a favorite series! Poor young deer, but amazing that he survived the accident he had.

  5. I hope the deer is okay. How do you like working again?? Steward isn't an easy company to work for, at least for me. There are so many rules that we never had before. I only have a couple more years and then I'll retire. I'm so looking forward to that! That sign looks strange!

  6. Sad little hope it will be okay.
    Goodness knows what that sign means; I've never seen the like either.
    Hope your job gets easier and easier. Working for a living sucks, LOL.


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