Sunday, November 29, 2020


I haven't had a true lap pig since Eclair.  That was a long time and many guinea pigs ago.  Most of my guinea pigs have either been too curious or too anxious or never fully settled down.  So it was not relaxing for me or the guinea pigs.  Eclair and I spent many hours sitting together and watching TV.

These two boars I am fostering are lap pigs, even at 5 months old.  We sat and chilled for 45 minutes Saturday night.  They were chatty and wriggly for several minutes, but then they settled.


They started pointed in different directions, but eventually spooned together.  Mango likes to curl up and lean to one side.  Panda likes to stretch out.  He yawned several times, but all I snapped was one blurry photo.  

They continued to be chatty for a while, complaining that each other was infringing on their space.  Then suddenly there was dead silence.

Yeah, lap time isn't so bad.  We could get used to this.  I know I'm enjoying it while I can.  It's nice to chill with these soft warm piggies.


  1. Look at those little noses! That is the thing I miss about not having a dog anymore - snuggling with someone on your lap. Enjoy!

  2. awe.... cozy... I was just saying last night that it's wonderful that Milo likes to snuggle. Cole would have none of that touching business unless he initiated it. Milo will be hugged petted, snuggled, lay next to me, any kind of physical closeness. I like that. Your two are lovely

  3. You have admirable strength to care for them knowing they will leave someday. They are so adorable! I have the feeling they might be chatting about how to do just that.

  4. They are so adorable! Are you sure you don't want to adopt them? They seem really entertaining!! The snuggle part is the icing on the cake! Well whatever you choose, enjoy! Have a safe and happy week!

  5. OMG - they are gorgeous. You have so much experience with guinea pigs! It is interesting that so few are lap pigs. Glad you have this opportunity with these two!!!

  6. Fabulous photos, how comfortable and happy they look


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