Thursday, August 26, 2021

I Like Thursday: Harried, Henri and Hummingbirds

A stressful weekend being on call.  Plus I have too many things that are incomplete and needing input and I'm a bit overwhelmed.  Then there's this humidity - everything is going mildewy - it's giving me a headache.

And yet, on the happy side...

Hurricane Henri dumped two inches of rain, but no trees down or power outages.  I've got a happy garden.  Tons of tomatoes!  Haven't seen much of the bunny rabbits, but the hummingbirds have been out in force.  I love watching their antics.  Zoom!

My sister shared photos of her fosters.  Yay!  She says the bolder one is now wheeking for goodies when my sister is in the kitchen.

We just finished Maigret with Rowan Atkinson in a serious role.  I had so much trouble with the first episode, because I've heard him do comedy with the "serious voice" and I kept waiting for him to crack a joke.  I wanted to just giggle at the sound of his voice.  But he was great - I loved his character, his wife, how he solved the murders.  I wish they made more of these.

The quilt is adding to my consternation.  It's better in daylight, but still not sitting right with me.  I'm thinking once I finish the last two blocks and fix six blocks I may leave this on the wall for a while to stew.  I really want to start quilting this, but I think I need to move to another project for a while. 

That's all.  Hope your week is going smoothly.  Sharing with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. Maigret played by Atkinson, to my surprise, is a good casting. He does drama well,but it does take at first, getting use to.
    Adorable critters.

  2. I need to watch that show, thanks. The sis's new wards are adorable. I'm jealous of your tomatoes! now the quilt... what pretty colors and angles. I wonder if it's being all the same blocks leaves you without a focus? Do you even need a focus? probably not and it's lovely as is. I know what you mean though, you've been doing these fab art quilts.

  3. Hi Sally! I am so sorry that you are having oodles of stress at work. In this case, it is not comforting to know others are in the same boat. I am overwhelmed, too. Just on my way home, I was wishing I could just close my door and get stuff done. {{Hugsz]] Sometimes just venting helps a lot! Henri was surprising not as bad as they said! The piggies are so cute. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I may have to investigate Maigret! DH sometimes has trouble understanding the British accent and terminology! A hearing issue may be part of the problem too! Your sister’s piggies are cute! Glad she took on that responsibility! Sometimes you do have to let a quilt rest and then tell you what to do next! Hope that you discover a solution!

  5. Humidity and stress at work sound like a recipe for...well, nothing fun! Hope it gets better for you. Hummingbirds and fresh tomatoes - so much more fun! The new fosters at your sister's place are cute - is she enjoying the experience?

  6. Humidity, work stress....isn't it exhausting? Cute fosters for your sister.

  7. Bad combo, work stress and the awful humidity. It is causing all my crackers to soften...that never happened here before. Your quilt blocks are beautiful colours. I have confidence you will work out a plan that will be pleasing to your eye...this looks fine to me. Enjoy the garden goodies.

  8. Sounds like a happy garden producing all sorts of goodies! The guinea pigs are adorable. Always like the pictures!

  9. Sally - we love Rowan Atkinson, so we will have to check this out! After blazing temperatures earlier in the month, we have returned to normal PLUS two times our normal rain. What a pleasant surprise! I have had a few moments this summer when I have felt overcommitted - and then I go camping to get away from it all! Enjoy your weekend!


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