Monday, August 2, 2021

August OMG

Once more, with feeling! 

I'm finally making progress on this quilt.  I finished my June goal by the end of July.  My August goal, which I am determined to hit in August, is to complete the blocks for the quilt.  I should be able to accomplish this if I can keep my traction.  Let's not be derailed again?

The latest wrench in the works - color layout.  Now that I have enough blocks to see how the quilt is coming together, I don't like the idea of it heading all to the red on one side.  Additionally, the medium blue may not make it through the whole quilt (I had bought enough for a minor part, not for how I'm currently using it).  I keep returning to the light-to-dark layout of the original Icy Waters.  So I'm going to modify that (because why, oh, why would I follow the directions?!?!).  I picked up some more blue (ack!  They didn't have any more of the two I have already) and some lighter colors.  I have ideas now of how I want to create the remaining blocks.  Let's see what I can do.

No trip for fabric doesn't include a stop by Swanson's fabrics.  Found two huge spools of strong thread as well as some pretty grey for quilting.  The big spools turned out to be a heavier weight than I expected (TEX 40, TKT 60/36 - I'm trying to figure out what that gives me in weight).  I'm not sure if I'll end up using it for piecing, but I'll keep it for some heavier duty sewing projects. 

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  1. I always enjoy seeing how you work with color! Quilt designs and our ideas about them definitely change as more blocks are added to the mix. Are these blocks paper-pieced?


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