Friday, August 27, 2021

August OMG Finish - All the Blocks

I have accomplished my August goal.  Finally.  I have a whole set of blocks.

I enjoy paper pieced projects, but I'm learning that my usual approach of layout and color doesn't work well.  I have a much harder time envisioning the final product before I start.  This project changed directions twice since I started, and halfway through the second revision I thought of yet another (but I no longer had enough fabric to change directions - so I forged ahead).

I had anticipated my next step would be to assemble the blocks.  However, I first need to fix a couple of blocks (the ones sewed together as I was changing my mind how it should look).  Then I need to let this stew.  I generally don't like starting another project while one is in progress.  It's not how I work.  However, this needs to hang on the wall for a while and let me stare at it and tinker with some pieces before I put it all together.  I know it will look better when I fix the oddball blocks, then hopefully it will speak to me and tell me what to do next.

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  1. Your quilting process is much the same as a fine art painter. You have a good sense of color and balance.

  2. I think this quilt came out great! Beautiful job!

  3. Blocks look great! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congratulations on your finish.


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