Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Tacking Again

I'm getting closer with the Icy Waters project.  But it's like tacking into the wind - a zig there, a zag there.  I decided the heavy red in the upper left corner would be too much, so I'm replacing it with a handful of lighter colors.  That's really going to change the look of this quilt.  It's now leaning towards more blue than red and I'm trying to work in a bit more of the green and purple.

I love all the colors I have picked, but the quilt is bucking me, which in turn makes me anxious.  I keep telling myself to trust the process.  I went through the same thing with Golden Orrery, despairing at one point at the chaos and seeming clash of fabrics.  Obviously my anxiety was unfounded with that quilt!  I need to trust my vision (and my gut) and get a few more blocks on the wall.

From the beginning I knew the biggest challenge would be placing the colors.  I had hoped that using the pattern would help with that.  It has, to an extent, but at this point I'm straying further from the pattern into uncharted waters.  Still, there's progress and I'm hopeful at hitting my August goal of finishing the blocks.

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  1. Sometimes quilts fight with us pulling us this way, pulling us that way and they cause us to second guess ourselves. Keep going, follow your instinct; I just know you will come up with a fabulous design. I am fascinated to see what you will imagine next.

  2. Sally - I may not be a quilter, but I am a perfectionist, and I am learning (the hard way) to let a process run. Amazing the gifts that come from imperfection! Good luck to you!

  3. I've enjoyed watching you figure out the colors of this quilt. I too like the newer colors you're working with. It will be amazing as always.


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