Thursday, August 12, 2021

I Like Thursday: Walks and Waterfalls

Thursday again!  The summer is flying by, filled with good stuff.

I had this conch nightlight as a child.  My mom brought it by a few weeks ago; Rob replaced the broken wiring and the old bulb socket with pixie lights.  I love the little bright spots, like it's filled with stars.

I took Friday off last week.  Got my hair cut in the morning - and the new hairdresser was willing to braid pigtails!  I was so pleased.

We went hiking in that afternoon at Tannery Falls.  It was a warm day, but the woods were much cooler.  The hike was pretty, following a stream to the falls.

It was a steep climb down to the bottom of the falls.  Those stairs turned sharply to the right and continued down at quite and angle.  Oof!  (And it was a long hike back to the top!)

There was a lot of running water to enjoy the whole way down.  The falls were very pretty and I loved how calm the pool was at the bottom.

The falls were our halfway point - we took a slightly different way back to the car that passed this old cemetery.  I couldn't read most of the headstones, but the ones I did read were in the 1840s and 1870s, a mix of adults and babies.  

Met up with my mother and sister on Sunday.  We caught this snake sunning himself and unfortunately rousted him from his spot.  Twice.  Sorry dude!  The second time I noticed he was kind of bulgy - so he must been enjoying the warmth and food coma.  I figure he was either an black rat snake or an eastern black racer.  He was pretty big!

Working away on the quilt.  Progress little by little.

And that's it.  Hope you had a good week.  Sharing with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. cool snake and what an interesting list! Rob is very handy, and a good dancer, right?

  2. Great hike, looks fun. How neat to have your nightlight it is lovely. The snake looks huge. Yikes!

  3. That is a big snake!
    Old cemetery, it is a shame the carvings aren't preserved on a plaque nearby. Gorgeous waterfall, it looks pleasantly cool there.

  4. I love the nightlight! That hike looks as though it was beautiful!

  5. A haircut and a hike sound like a great way to spend a day off! The waterfall looked beautiful, but, no on the snake... Hopefully he was not interested in you guys! I'm enjoying following your progress on the latest quilt project.

  6. Falls are beautiful spots and I know what you mean about the sound of rushing water and then the calm at the bottom too. How amazing to come across a cemetery there; I could handle that in daylight but would find it creepy at night. Thanks for sharing the photo of the snake. Interesting; I've watched a couple of grass snakes this summer pretty ordinary but I like them.

  7. That hike to the water falls looks so secluded and peaceful! I love the seashell night light holds such great memories!!! So nice that it's fixed up and you can enjoy it again!

  8. Your hike looks like such fun. Pretty water falls! So nice that you can use your seashell night light again. I took a peek at your quilt and just love it!!

  9. Would've loved to join you on your hike! The waterfall sounds so refreshing and nice to see your other half enjoying the day with you. Very pretty snake. So shiny & black! And doesn't a haircut make you feel so pretty!!??!

  10. Scary snake, fun hike and a keeper of a husband. So sweet that he mended your night light. Warms my heart :-)


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