Friday, January 23, 2015

Perpetual Motion

Good pigs, sharing pellets
Boadicea has lost a little weight since she's been here.  I haven't seen any sign that Cannoli is guarding the food.  In fact, they're often at the hay rack or the pellet dish together.  I think Boadicea has a touch of ADHD.  She starts eating food, then something catches her interest and she goes off to investigate.  She'll come back and take a few more nibbles, then get distracted again.  If she's unlucky, Cannoli will have polished off whatever she left behind.  Noli has never been a fast eater for a guinea pig, but she's consistent.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Boadicea is interested in everything, including a clean cage.  She checks out the corners and the grids, and ooh!  Is someone in the kitchen with treats?  Talk about fearless - I've never seen any other pig leap off the ramp to the first level.

The last segment is a typical ousting from the third level cozy that I wrote about earlier this week.  Boadi just kind of hangs out until Noli has enough of her and bolts.  Silly pigs.


  1. How cute! We are a family of animal lovers - mostly on behalf of rescued cats. However, my granddaughter received a guinea pig for Christmas and we are all enjoying her sweetness! Those gently little squeaks that are heard on your video are so heartwarming to me!
    I'm visiting from GYB.

  2. Boadi has settled in so well! I love her curious little personality and exploratory chutting.


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