Thursday, November 24, 2016

Let It All Hang Out

The hammock is back in the cage this week.  I've been getting a kick watching Boadicea sleep in it.  In the past I've noted that Boadi has some similarities to Bertie.  This time she's channeling Pinniped.

Now, Boadi is nowhere near Pinniped's size.  She'd never grow that large in her wildest dreams.  But I am rather amused that Boadi hanging out of that hammock reminds me of Pinni.

This is Pinni's original "double-wide" pose.

Then there were her various feet-over-the-edge poses.

First there was one foot, then there were two feet.

Boadi had half a foot out when I snapped the photo.  Then I caught her the other day with one foot clearly hanging out.  I wonder if she'll get comfortable enough to stick both feet out?


  1. Reminds me of when I hung screen curtains in the barn doorway and Tsuga would lay down just inside but have one leg - which leg varied - sticking out under the screen :)

  2. so cozy
    It must be super comfy to dangle one's little star feet.

    1. or she's going thru menopause and hot


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