Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Like Thursday: The Neighborhood

I've lived in suburbia most of my life.  Some places have been a bit more citified, Rehoboth is a lot more rural.  I like walking and biking in this area, although I miss sidewalks from time to time.  There's a lot of crazy drivers on these winding roads.  But this is supposed to be about what I like....

I like the big sky.  At least that's what I call it.  Previous neighborhoods I've lived in were hemmed in with trees or houses.  Our current residence is on the edge of a large wooded lot, but as I head west, I'm greeted with a big wide open area.  And I get hit with the sky.  It's awesome. 

I like the horses.  And goats.  And cows.  And the occasional chicken.  Have I mentioned it's a somewhat rural area?  Rehoboth is a Right to Farm community - and a lot of people do.  The cows live not even a quarter mile down the road.  They watch me intently as I walk by.  A half mile further there's a pair of horses and a trio of goats I see several times a week.  I say "hi" as I pass by.  I know of a half dozen locals that have chickens (fresh eggs!).  There's a horse farm and riding stables nearby, too.

I like the lizard rock.  I can't tell you how many times I've done a double-take walking by this field.  When the sun hits it right, it looks like a huge iguana sunning itself on a rock.  And then I walk just a bit farther, and it's obvious it's just one rock on top of another.  Still, it's amusing.

I like my mail carrier.  She drives her route often the same time as I go walking, so we'll cross paths a few times.  Working at home, I'll greet her at the door, too, when she delivers packages. 

There's some interesting yard art.  For years I've been meaning to drive around the area snapping pics of some of the far out stuff (crazy fountains, fake stone lions all over the place, mini lighthouses).  I like it - either because it's neat or beautiful or just so bad it makes me laugh.  There's a large metal sculpture of a red ant playing a saxophone along my 4-mile walking loop.  Unfortunately, he's been taken down for the winter.  Dang.  I really wanted to show you that.  But I can show you a pretty gate that I pass any time I bike to the library.  It's so rustic.

I like my library (the librarians are awesome, too).  I visit so often the librarians greet me by name when I come in, and often are pulling my reserved books before I even get to the checkout desk.  Yeah, I like reading.

The library is the dance hall where I contra dance (the hall is on the right, with the big windows, the library itself is the smaller section to the left).  So I really like my library! 
Here's an odd like:  I like the solar panels I see on houses.  So many have gone up in the three years we've lived here.  How cool is that?!?  There's also several fields in the area that have been converted to solar farms.  Huzzah for renewable energy.

I think a fair number of neighbors heat with wood.  So in the winter as I go walking I'll smell wood smoke.  I do like the way that smells.  Makes me think of being wrapped up in front of a cheery fire.

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  1. Your library looks charming! Mine is no where near as quaint looking. Nevertheless, a library is one of my favorites too.

  2. I like that you can walk the same basic path day after day and see something new each time. Lizard rock is funny, but what is it about a rock wall with a gate? Such a composition for a quilt. I did a painting like that once. I wish you'd do that image in fabric for us... thank you for such a good list! LeeAnna

  3. I like all your likes this week! Your town and neighborhood sound lovely. I love interesting yard art, and the lizard rock made me laugh! And the library - wonderful! I, too, love the library. At ours when you reserve a book, it's on a self - serve shelf tucked around a corner. It always feels like I know a secret that no one else knows when I'm headed back there to get my book!

  4. Thank you for taking us on your walk! The lizard walk cracked me up. Your neighborhood is lovely! Great library! Have a wonderful day!

  5. I love your appliqued tree; it is coming along nicely. Two little puddins I'd call your sweet ginnea pigs. Neatest looking library building. I'm a library nut too. I always say its my most valuable card I own. What a pleasant area you live in!

  6. You live in a very pretty part of the Commonwealth :)
    I especially love your picture of the gate. I would like to have a gate that was a bit more decorative than the ones into my goat paddocks. I'm making a note!

  7. I love your community. I live in the country but it is full of city farmers I think I am the only one who has chickens within a couple of miles. What a gorgeous library. I am envious.


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