Saturday, September 9, 2017

Start of a Big Project

I went fabric shopping with my mother on Labor Day.  I came home with fabric for a twin-sized Celtic Solstice.  I'm excited to be attempting this pattern, although I'm a bit nervous to taking on a project of this size.  So many pieces!

I hope to start cutting in the next week or two.

We traded cookies and veggies, stuff I need to bring to the Cape and more fabric.  Like I need more fabric?!?

The beige pieces are border strips.  Actually, these all go together really well - I may have to figure out what I can make with them.  Like I need another unexpected project.  Ha!


  1. Tiny botanicals...just my cup of (fabric) tea :)

  2. Lovely fabrics, Sally. One can never have too much fabric, can one. =)


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