Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Boston Spring Pignic 2017

The pignic had been postponed due to heat, and the alternate date dawned with a slight chance of rain and the prospect of being too hot as well.  But there was a breeze, bits of sunshine and the temperature hung just low enough to still be comfortable.

We had one of our smallest gathering of guinea pigs yet:  15 sows and 12 boars.  They came with lots of people.  There were several first-timers to the pignic, along with a handful of regulars.  A good time was had by all.

Blobby pig, chilling pig
Looking to bail, trying to avoid the grass, and the cutie I wanted to bring home

It was an interesting mix of pigs.  We had a group of mini skinny pigs.  Even though they were over a year old, not one of them weighed more than 690g.  A couple of boars were 7 and 8 years old.  We also had two massive pigs:  a boar named Lemmy (1493g) and a sow named Ros (1437g).  There was moppy pigs, some with long, flowing hair and lots of short haired pigs.  So many different colors, too.

Look at that cute gray teddy piggy - just look at it!
A few boars landed themselves in time out pens, mostly due to overenthusiasm.  The sows didn't bicker too much, which was nice.  There was lots of veggies to share in addition to the grass.  A few pigs took advantage of the ice packs and frozen water bottles we added to the pens. 

There was a big blobby tri-colored boar that I desperately wanted to pignap.  The trio of skinny sows were hilarious - they clearly didn't like the feel of the grass brushing against their tummies when they walked.  They did this weird waddle on their absolute tip-toes to get around the pen.  Couldn't help but laugh at them every time they moved.  I didn't think to get a video.  It would have been a hoot.

The Pig Patrol showed up in force - there were nine of us for most of the day.  They're so wonderful:  keeping an eye on the pens, clipping lots of nails, inspecting guinea pigs and helping with the weighing.  The afternoon flew by; some threatening clouds and a rumble of thunder signaled the end of the day a little earlier than scheduled.

I have so many photos!  (Have I mentioned I love the new camera?) 

Boadicea and Wedgwood had been left at home.  I worried about the weather and decided it would be less stressful without them.  I feel a little guilty - they'd have loved the grass and being outdoors.  There were treats when we got home:  dried corn husks.  I was given a bag of them by an attendee (who has a Pinniped lookalike!).  Thanks so much, the girls loved them, of course.

It was great to see everyone there.  I look forward to seeing you again at the next pignic!


  1. So sad I had to miss this! Billy had been struggling with a bladder stone and was unwell and went over the Rainbow Bridge this past Friday. I had thought I *might* be able to come at Pigapalooza but I had a feeling this was how things were going to go. Though I no longer have a guinea pig in my life, please let me know if you'd ever like additional help at the future pignics! <3

  2. Just love the piggy with the brown nose - he/she is so cute! Sounds like you all had a really fun day.

  3. So lovely babies! Have a great day!

  4. I just looked through all your photographs and you certainly did get good ones! Glad the day went well, and the weather was okay.


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