Thursday, June 22, 2017

I Like Thursday: Events

I enjoyed the Contra Prom a lot last week.  It's always fun to wow people; the dress impressed and I never come to that dance.  So I was a surprise.  What fun.  The only thing I'm bummed out about is I didn't get a good photo - I ducked out during the break because...

I was moving drapes out of my trunk.  I can't even express how happy I am to have the Drapes of Doom out of the house.  They had been stacked in a neat pile in the living room for weeks, so they weren't that obtrusive.  It wasn't until I drove home in an empty car and walked in the door (not needing to walk around the drapes) that I realized how wonderful it was to have them gone.

I like what I see when I go walking.  I still need to photograph the saxophone-playing ant, but I did capture a giant rooster and a giraffe?!?  They're fun, aren't they?

I like my hat.  I bought at a craft fair during Windmill Weekend last September, but haven't worn it much.  I need to wear it more often.  It's better sun protection than my baseball cap.  Plus I think it's cute.

I like that the Boston Pignic went without a hitch.  I really got a kick out of these skinny pigs that didn't like the feel of the grass on their bare bellies.  So goofy.

Big (or stressful) social events can leave me unmotivated and a bit blue the following day.  I get up, ready to go, but my mind doesn't want to engage properly.  It's not fun.  But - and this is why I'm posting - it makes me appreciate the feelings only last one day.  I know others that deal with this far more frequently, which can't be easy.

Wow.  That kind of ended on a serious note.  So go get uplifted - there are other I Like posts over at Not Afraid of Color.  They will make you smile.


  1. Sounds good to get your Drapes project done! I would probably still be procrastinating about that one. I like your hat! I need to start looking for something like that - for years I have worn a visor, which is great for keeping sun out of your eyes, but not off the top of your head. Hope the blues have passed you by, and that you'll have a great Thursday!

  2. So glad your drapes are done! What a project. I need your hat. I keep wearing one that is lightweight but doesn't cover enough. Hope you are better now. Great post. mary in Az

  3. I love your hat! It's perfect and looks fantastic on you! Glad your drapes are gone! Feel better! Hugs!

  4. Completely new to me...a pignic! I never knew these little guys could be so much fun. I can hear the relief in your words that those drapes are done and dusted. Love the giant rooster and giraffe.


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