Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Squares and Strips

There's been a lot of distractions that kept me from starting my next projects.  I got a chance last weekend to change that.  I cleaned out my sewing machine from the Drapes of Doom (I deliver them on Thursday - yay!).  I cut strips and wonky blocks and actually sat down to sew last night.  How nice!

I'm working on a set of dark wonky block rug mugs.  They're layered up and ready to quilt.  I'm trying to figure out what thread I want to stitch with:  something that will show up, but neither leap off the fabric or get lost.  I'm still learning what works best for that.

I have also, finally, cut strips of the pastel fabrics.  I miscalculated somewhere along the line (which doesn't surprise me) and I won't get as many blocks as I thought out of these.  Which is fine - I'll make whatever sized quilt it works out to be.  However, as much as I like these fabrics, many block patterns I've looked at could use more contrast.  I'm auditioning more of the vintage fabric I was given and considering a change in block style before I start stringing them all together.  Gads, it takes so much longer thinking about a quilt than actually sewing it!

Maybe some quilting tonight, then hemming a dress, and of course more research on my next potential quilts.  There's just not enough time in the day.

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