Thursday, June 15, 2017

I Like Thursday: Sunny Times

I like the rumble of thunder.  And sun showers.  We've had plenty of rain this spring.  Thunder-bumpers are fun.  I've been surprised by two sun showers in just over a week.  I managed to photograph the latest one.  Big HUGE drops.  The way the sun was hitting it, it looked like it was raining only on one side of the deck, and tons of blue sky overhead.  What fun!

I like my hair braided in pigtails.  I get this done every time I get my hair cut.  Makes me feel like a little kid.  Whee!  This is what they looked like the next morning - still pretty good

I got these done in time for a contra dance, and had a number of people comment the braids and pigtails made me look like a kid.  Just ignore that gray - mission accomplished.

Rob liked the way it looked the next day when I pulled out the braids - lots of curly hair (I updated my avatar with that picture).

I did a fabric burn test over the weekend (burning little scraps of fabric to determine the fiber content).  I like the results:  all my vintage fabrics are cotton.  I was sure the pile I brought home from the Tea were cotton, but I also had several yards bundled with the Singer 15-91 I bought last year.  I kept them apart from the rest of my stash since I wasn't sure of the fiber content.  Now it's all one big happy stash.

I like my fancy dresses.  They've been languishing in my closet for the last five years.  Loved, but unused.  I haven't had an excuse to wear them since moving to Rehoboth.

My schedule today makes a shorter trip to Concord after work, and I discovered the Thursday night contra dance is the Contra Prom!  I have been contemplating attending one of these for years, but it's always such a long trip on a week night.  I'll get to deliver the remaining Drapes of Doom and attend a fancy dress dance?  I call that win-win.

I'll be wearing the blue one; I had to  hem it up a bit since I won't wear heels.  I would cook in the maroon dress, which is too bad.  It is my very favorite dress - I feel like royalty every time I put it on.  Added advantage to the blue dress is that it won't wrinkle.  No worries about it looking alright after sitting in the back of my car all day.  I like!

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  1. elegant dresses! The photo of rain is awesome! A poster too! Into each life some rain must fall! I also love the aftermath of braided hair! My stick straight hair needs some curves.

  2. I like a little thunderstorm now and then, too! Fun picture of the rain on your deck. We have that happen around here - sometimes you can be driving doen the street and see the line where the rain ends and the dry pavement begins.. It's hilarious! Hope you enjoy the prom in your special dress!

  3. Hi,
    It rained all most of the day yesterday. Down pour and then sun, more down pours and sun, which makes it very humid. Very uncomfortable. Love your dress and braids. Have a great day!

  4. I love your dresses and your braids! Have fun with your fabric!

  5. Love your guinea pig imagined chatter.
    If I was around I could French braid your hair for you...learned to do both my girls hair when they were growing up. I remember practicing on a Barbie doll; it's not that hard.
    The blue dress is gorgeous so I hope you have fun at your dance!

  6. What a lovely post! It made me smile. I love the rumble of thunder too. I hope you had a wonderful time at the dance.


  7. Both dresses look very lush and elegant to me, but the blue oneus the one I'd reach for if I was going to the prom! Have a blast :)


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