Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Like Thursday: Wedding

My godson got married this weekend.  It was a Hindu ceremony, which was interesting.  At one point they took seven steps together with seven vows for their marriage.  I liked it:
   To respect an honor each other
   To strengthen and prosper together
   To help and serve others together
   To share our joys and sorrows
   To care for our children and parents
   To fulfill our spiritual duties
   To remain true lifelong partners

I've become familiar with the deity Ganesh from my many trips to Kripalu.  I like him, he's pretty cool - the god of wisdom and learning and the remover of obstacles.  He's also god of beginnings and thus was represented at the wedding.

I like the jasmine flowers we were given to wear in our hair.  

I liked all the colorful saris.  I didn't think to take more photos of them.  This photo was taken by my aunt.  Isn't the bride beautiful in the red and gold?  My cousin is decked out in that brilliant blue.  Stunning!  Even my mom dressed in a sari (with a little help from someone who knew how to tuck and pin one).

I like the gift my sister brought me from her trip to Scotland (while she was attending another wedding).  Plaid Scotty dogs!  Aren't they fun?

I liked spending time with my family.  And to see everyone gussied up!

I liked the big chairs they had in the gardens.  Lots of people had fun taking playful photos with them.  (And lastly, I like the new dress that Rob convinced me to get.)

As usual, there's more to like over at Not Afraid of Color.  Check them out!


  1. I wish I'd been there too! Love the vows, those are real. The dress fits you like a T!

  2. That looks like it was a beautiful wedding! I like the vows, too.

  3. What a beautiful wedding and so interesting. I also like your dress! The large chairs are cool. mary in Az

  4. Beautiful 7 vows. I enjoyed reading about the terrifying ice pack...those little creatures provide so much entertainment with the different personalities.


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