Saturday, July 1, 2017

All the Toys

I recently posted about the cardboard treat balls I made up for Boadicea and Wedgwood.  It included a video of Boadicea opening one of the balls.  What I didn't show you was Wedgwood being an unmitigated pee-face. 

Several times Boadi contemplated going elsewhere, but obviously really wanted to play wit the new toys.  Equally apparent - Wedgie wanted all of the treat balls to herself, even if she couldn't get into them.  She actually abandons two of them to chase Boadi away from a third.  Really?  You're that greedy??

What a rotten little rodent.

On a side note - who knew guinea pigs could move that fast in reverse?


  1. They are such characters, and she certainly did reverse quickly! Keeps both them and you entertained.

    I miss not having ours in the house, as you can interact with them so much more, but it is just not possibly unfortunately.

  2. I know! And she also needs her, because she screams for her at the vet's
    Well, if she leaves, who will wedgie bully?

  3. "Mine! Also mine!" There's a reason all my goats must put on a "collar and tie" before I bring out their feed buckets. Even though it makes more work for me, it's the only way I can be sure every goat actually gets to eat her or his own bucket of grub.
    With the hay that they have access to all the time, it doesn't matter how many separate piles are provided - a goat will run across a paddock to chase another goat away from a pile of hay even if the first goat is abandoning a bigger pile of hay to do it!


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