Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Lots of guinea pig stories, but not so much sewing.  I hope that will change soon.  I have finally made progress on the pastel strip quilt.  These are the vintage fabrics I picked up in March.  I changed my mind on what block to make; changed my mind on what colors to use before going back to the original block and color combo.  I've put together and pulled apart a few test blocks.  It's ridiculous.


I've got blocks.

I swear that the dang fabric keeps changing color.  Honest.  That blue triangle on the bottom is the same color as the strip next to the bright blue.  It goes from almost baby blue to truly purple periwinkle, just depending on what it's next to.  I have the same problem with the blue-green.  Which was part of the reason I kept ripping apart blocks - they looked so different sewn together.

I freaked myself out this morning trying to find a missing block (I had the full 58 blocks, but I couldn't get them to match up correctly).  Then I realized - I need 28 of one block, 30 of another because of how this is set on point.  I had 29 of each.  Whew.  

This is the pattern I decided to try for thees blocks (not sure if it has a name).  I made the blocks without much thought for the setting triangles.  There's tons of periwinkle, so I thought to use that; but it fades away once it's put near the blocks.  I'm now down to the nest fabric (far left), the black, and the cream (center).  Then nest fabric is really busy close up, but is better at a distance.  The black is such a shocking contrast, but right now that's my favorite.  I tried a dark grey, but it seemed to make everything washed out.  The cream isn't bad... it's just kind of bland.  I plan to bind in periwinkle, but that may change depending on how it looks all put together.

Do you like any of those for setting triangles?  Or think there's another color I could try?

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  1. I'm no help, but I certainly know what you mean about colors changing based on adjacent colors!

  2. I really like the pattern that emerges when you place those blocks together on point. I like the black for the setting triangles. It really makes your colors pop. The periwinkle makes your blocks lose definition because the periwinkle in the blocks just flows into the setting pieces (which is fie if that's the effect you're going for!). As you said, the cream is OK, but it calms the colors down. Again, not wrong, it just depends what feeling you're aiming for!

  3. Hi Sally, I really like those blocks. I like both the black or the periwinkle - it's a matter of whether you want them to pop or blend in. Good luck!

  4. What a vision of a quilt. LOVE all these blending shades. Gosh some of those colours are very close in shade.....it would most certainly do my head in. =) BUT.....in saying this what you have completed is fabulous. I really like the periwinkle.

  5. Miss Boadi's dubious look put a smile on my face. Thank you!
    And these colours are really gorgeous.


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