Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why Would You Do That?

A few days ago I wrote about Boadicea and Wedgwood enjoying a pile of freshly dried corn husks on the floor.

What I didn't share was the badness that occurred soon after.

Both guinea pigs decided that it was the perfect day to do some exploring on the floor upon eating their fill.  There was a pig train through the living room, to my desk, then back to the couch.  At this point Wedgwood returned to their cage.  I made the foolish mistake of walking into the next room to talk to Rob.  I returned to the living room just in time to see a spark of light.  Right next to that spark was my computer power cable and a naughty Boadicea rodent.

Just look what she did!  There are four nicks in the jacket before the big chomp that clipped through several of the wires.  I hope that pig got a bit of a jolt for her trouble.  She high-tailed it back to the cage as I came running into the room.

Why, why! does she always go for the power cables?  Why not something a little less expensive, like the electric cord for the lamp?  It had been years since she's taste tested a power cord, and I had become less vigilant.  I spent the next several minutes checking every power cord and cable in the living room (there's a lot of them and some are really long).  Thankfully this was the only one she decided to taste test.

Unrepentant rodent
Rob had purchased a back-up cable for my laptop only a few weeks ago, so I could leave one at home and use the other when I travel.  So well for that - I'm now back down to one cable. 

When I finished assessing the damage I walked by the cage.  This is what I found:  a fully unrepentant rodent basking in the memories of an afternoon well spent.  Is she... smiling?!?

Ugh.  Guinea pigs.


  1. That is a smug look. My little cat, same name, was small but deadly and proud of it. I should never have named her after a British warrior queen.

  2. She is definitely smiling! Thank goodness she didn't hurt herself.

  3. Maybe she's hoping you'll spend more time with her and less with your laptop ;) :D Cheeky piggie xx

  4. I laughed ENTIRELY too hard at this. :D That smug little face!


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