Sunday, July 9, 2017

Boadi Birthday Number Four

Today we celebrate Boadicea's fourth birthday.  This pig continues to be Ms. Mellow and lives for nose scritches and dried corn husks.  Plus she's still the master of the dubious look.

Boadicea is a lot smaller than she was last year.  The vet and I can't find the reason, but Boadi seems happy enough.  So I keep an eye on her weight and hope she stays stable (or eventually shows symptoms we can treat).

Life with Wedgwood has evened out.  Wedg is not the nicest of roommates, but Boadi seems to do well with her. 

I think half of why Boadi loves the hammock is because Wedg can't oust her from it (and appears not to be able to get into it).  So Boadi gets in the hammock and thumbs her nose (or whatever guinea pigs do) at Wedg.  Her latest trick is to hang her bum over the edge of the hammock (notice the copious pile of poo underneath?).  Neat trick.

I tell Boadi to eat more and not to let Wedg be such a pee-face.  Oh, and to lay off the power cords!  Think she'll listen to me this year?

This gal is celebrating her birthday pretty much like any other day - totally chillin'.  Happy birthday, Boadi!


  1. That is indeed a neat trick! Clever Boadi! It is so nice to have a room - or hammock - of one's own :)
    Happy birthday!

  2. now that's a recliner. One doesn't need to even get up to go to the bathroom.

  3. Awww Happy Happy Birthday Boadicea!!! <3


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