Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Like Thursday: Progress

It's funny - there are many weeks that I get to Tuesday or Wednesday and think:  I have nothing for my Thursday post!  Then like magic, all sorts of things pop into my head.

After a dry spell of sewing, I've started to make progress.  Then inspiration hit and I've got three different things in the works.

I like the points on my latest blocks.  There are just so many corners that are supposed to line up.  Turns out, they way the blocks are ironed, stacked, then sewn came out perfectly, with almost no effort on my part.  Woot!

I like crayons.  Makes me feel like a little kid any time I use them.  I pulled out the box that has been gathering dust for years so I could get a feel for the design of my next quilt. 

I like the weave; I've wanted to do a quilt like this for a while.  I gave up on the crayons and used some of the fabric instead.  Each pastel piece is going to have the white/hot-pink combo on either side.  I want a pattern in the weave, not simply random colors (I'm not making a whole lot of sense - you'll see once I lay out the blocks).  I thought I'd like the top design, but I'm leaning towards the bottom.  The camera has a hard time with these fabrics.  Do you have a preference?

I like when inspiration hits.  It can be rough because my entire focus gets drawn into it and I have trouble doing the things I need to do - like cooking, cleaning, work.  But oh!  what a wonderful obsession.
I like my volunteer sunflower.  I don't recall if it started in this planter, or if I "rescued" it from the compost pile.  I doubt I'll get any seeds - I'm just excited it might bloom!

I like how Boadiea's sacks out.  I recently stumbled across these photos from a year or so ago.  Rob is often telling me I need to chill.  I should take lessons from Boadicea.

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  1. boadi... so comfy in the bed Mama made. I like the colors in the top photo. You made me think about open weaving like this, appliqued on top of a fuchia background letting dots of colors show through. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Your pieced blocks are beautiful! I love your crisp points and color choices. I'm a terrible piecer, and always admire people whose blocks come out so nice!

  3. I love the smell of crayola crayons - instant childhood :)

  4. Pretty colors in your quilt blocks! I love it when something comes together more easily than you expected. We had volunteer sunflowers and one was about ready to bloom, but the squirrels got to it first...:(. Darn it!

  5. She sure looks comfy in that bed of hers! My boys will think they are very neglected if they ever get to see a bed like this!

    Have fun with your looks like you are. I am still working away at my hexies!

  6. I really like the way one is looking. AND I like that you design on paper with crayons! I do the same only with colored pencils. Have fun designing!


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