Monday, July 3, 2017

Windy Day Husks

It's corn husk drying season - the time of year I get strange looks for "dumpster diving" the bin next to the corn at Stop & Shop.  I feed my guinea pigs fresh husks and silks.  I shred and dry the extra husks (link to my how-to post) to use them well into the winter.  Drying works best on calm sunny days.  On windy days the corn husks can end up all over the deck.  It's a mess and I lose husks!

I normally dry them on a sheet.  On breezy days, I've taken to spreading the husks on half the sheet, folding it over, then placing something heavy on three or four of the corners (potted plants are great!).  The husks don't dry as quickly, require good strong sun, and need to be uncovered and stirred a few times to dry.  But it works, and is a lot better than chasing bits of husk across my deck.

When I brought in the latest batch, I plopped Boadicea and Wedgwood in the middle of the sheet.  Wedgwood was such a dope - she took off for home as soon as she oriented her self.  Boadicea paused for a bit, then decided it would be silly to run off when surrounded by her favorite food.

Wedgwood had made it back to the cage before she realized Boadicea hadn't followed.  I bet she could even hear Boadicea munching.  Sure enough, a minute or two later, Wedgwood cautiously trotted around the corner.  Boadicea went out to great her, then led her back to the remaining dried husks I hadn't packed away.

Wedgwood - why would you walk away from a good thing?!?


  1. Wish we could get these here! You can't even buy sweet corn with the husks on, they have all been 'pre-santised' and come wrapped in plastic already husk and silk free... which to me seems crazy as they don't last as long either. I enjoyed sweetcorn while back home in NZ and thought of the guinea pigs missing out on the treat that they love so much.

  2. I love to read about your pig capers. Wondering if they might ever write a blog post.

    1. For some odd reason I don't get emails from your comments (so I sometimes miss them). The pigs occasionally think about writing blog posts, but they find the computer keyboard rather intimidating. ;-)

  3. love that she encouraged her friend to return to the treat


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