Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Little Quiet

We headed north over the weekend; spent a few days at Thompson Lake in Maine.  Friends had rented a cabin and invited us to stay.  Sunday was beautiful sunny weather.  I'm glad I brought my suit - I splashed around in the shallows and swam out to the boat.  It's been ages since I've swum in a lake.  It was fun to paddle under the trees.  I had a curious fish nibble my toes.

Later in the afternoon I read.  This was my view from the hammock.

There was some traffic on the lake during the day.  The evening and the next morning it was so wonderfully still.  The light rain just added to the beauty.

There had been a tree outside the cabin.  When it died the owner had a local artist carve it into this bear.  Isn't he cute?

They had some fun artwork inside the cabin, too:  a bit of stained glass, a fat ceramic bird, some rustic roosters in the kitchen.  This painting in the living room was truly stunning.  A good conversation starter!  Who is it?  Where is he?  What's going on?

Rob and I walked nearby and found some brilliant pink wildflowers by the side of the road.  I loved the color.  This bumble bee was very interested in them as well.

I wrote this while it rained.  A cool, damp day - perfect for catching up on reading and writing (and some people napped).  I listened to the birdsong and the patter of rain on the roof.  From my vantage on the porch I saw a pair of loons paddle by, and watched the red squirrels play tag across the rocks and trees.  A good day - now I'm ready for some more sun!


  1. oh, what a mood you captured in words and pictures. I could feel it. I love sitting on a porch during a light rain, then hearing loons... one of my favorite sounds... I can hear the music from On Golden Pond... must rewatch that. LeeAnna

  2. What a heavenly place to spend a weekend. LOVE your view from the hammock. A perfect place in which to nap and read a book. Isn't that bear fantastic...how very clever. I did chuckle when you said some loons paddled by. I know in America they are birds, but here in Australia slang, loons are referred to as crazy people. =) Sometimes the divide in language is very amusing.


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