Saturday, July 15, 2017

Getting Comfortable

Most guinea pigs excel at being loafy; Boadicea is a master of chill.  We caught her several times over the last two weeks.  This pig seriously knows how to veg.

First Rob caught Boadicea trying to bury herself under the hay.  This was probably her most unsuccessful attempt of getting comfortable.  The bundled hay didn't really allow her to hide under it, which I suspect was her end game.

But later attempts were far more successful. 

Rather than try to get under the hay, she decided to stretch out next to it.

I call it the streamlined look.

Doesn't she look aerodynamic?  All flattened out.  She looks thoroughly relaxed!

But the next one is my favorite...

I walked by the cage one evening and found this.  How on earth can that be comfortable?  Boadi obviously thought it was. 

She stayed like that even after I got the camera and started shooting.  Look at those goofy little feet.  And that disapproving look.  Are you making fun of me?  Stop hovering over me with that camera.  Sheesh.

There are days that I need to take lessons from this pig.


  1. I often think that of animals. A lot of wisdom along with the nuttiness.

  2. Look at those backers!! She truly melts my heart 😍

  3. How gorgeous! My girls know how to relax too :) We've termed it 'Flomping', I think they could be professional flompers, as could Boadi xx

  4. wow, those little feet! she is just researching the value of relaxation for her new book. Have you checked her camera? She may be taking pics of you relaxing too heh heh


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