Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dark Mug Rugs

I have a bunch of sewing projects I want to get to, but have been lacking motivation lately.  Bummer.  There's been lots of distractions with guinea pig stuff, social events, work and plain ol' daily life.  But I did finish a set of requested mug rugs this week.  Progress!

These were an interesting quilting challenge.  I've worked with dark colors before, but blacks with brights.  The quilting on those projects were either stitch-in-the-ditch or intended to really stand out.  These are dark on dark.  I quilted one the same way I did my first wonky mug rug:  each side with thread of the other side's fabric color.  Even though the fabrics contrast enough, the wine/black thread combination didn't stand out.

I tried high contrast thread, but discovered if the wonky square overlapped a lot from front-to-back, light thread looked really messy.  I did a lot of try, rip and try again.

I really liked the grey on black, so I kept that.  The other ended up with an inky blue and dark red that looks quite nice, but doesn't pick up on the photos. 

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  1. I like your mug rugs! I've been using some of my smaller cotton knitted washcloths as mug rugs on my porch, to protect the windowsills. They do the job, but no two are even slightly alike - I made them as a useful way to swatch knitting stitch patterns :)

  2. Any progress is good! I like your mug rugs, and I love that you experiment so much and share your results.

  3. I'm the proud owner of these mug rug and let me tell you they are gorgeous! Thank you again Sally!


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