Saturday, June 24, 2017

Terrifying Orange Ice Pack

On most warm days I put an ice pack in the guinea pig cage.  I wrap it in a cozy to keep the hay off it and to soak up some of the moisture when it sweats.  Usually the guinea pigs will ignore it - occasionally I've seen a pig snuggle up to it or sit on top.  But last Monday, there was panic. 

I had placed the ice pack just under the ledge to the second level.  Wedgwood was terrified of it.  I put ice packs in the cage last summer, so I'm not sure why she was so upset.  I didn't notice her reaction until she wouldn't come to the second level for green pepper (not to be missed!).  She was lurking by the hay rack, clearly wanting green pepper, but absolutely unwilling to get close to the second level.  I took pity upon her and handed over the pepper.

I moved the ice pack to the back of the first floor, because Wedgwood refused to go upstairs.  Later, when I put in a handful of corn silk, she slunk along one side of the cage and had to s-t-r-e-t-c-h to get some.  Even hearing Boadi chow down on it wasn't enough to make her hustle over to eat her share.  Because look!  the orange ice pack is going to leap up and attack at any moment!  (Sort of reminds me of some drivers' reactions to Jersey barriers.)

Silly rodent. 


  1. I enjoyed this post, my friend. It's so funny! I love these adorable animals!

  2. discerning art snobs.... guess they CAN tell color and do not appreciate the value of orange. Try putting the ice pack in another color for a test. Interesting... I've seen the poodle stretch like that to look at something scary.


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