Thursday, October 25, 2018

I Like Thursday: Finishes

I got lots of stuff done this week.

I like that I finally put up the window feeders.  One or two titmice watched me as I washed the window and hung the first feeder.  I had just stepped in the door when the first one landed.  They started flying by the second window, awaiting that feeder to be hung as well.  By the time I started to work that window, the chickadees were watching me.  I didn't have a chance to step away from the window before the first chickadee alighted.  In the hour that followed, word got out to the nuthatches and house finches.  It was quite the party all afternoon.

I like the new clips I got for hanging and photographing my quilts.  Wish I had done this ages ago.  Made the setup and flipping from front to back a breeze!  I bought silver ones, but now I'm already eyeballing a set of black (after I saw photos of someone who uses those).

OMG, I just received notice - two of my quilts have been accepted for a display at the Melrose Public Library in December.  Now I just have to figure out how to deliver them (without making a trip during rush hour).

I like that I'm finished hemming the dress.  I took this after hemming the dress but before I cut the outer shell.  It's a whole 9 inches shorter!  Cutting the outer shell turned out to be trickier than I thought - it looked really ragged unless it was a very clean cut.  I'm so grateful I purposely made my first cut too low because after trimming and fixing it, it was very close to the hem.  I would have been bummed had I cut the shell too short!  It's done and ready to wear in another week.  Whew.

I like the Wayback Machine website.  Do you know of this?  I have found it wonderfully useful for finding content on web page that no longer exists.  It doesn't store everything, it doesn't always work, but I have pulled PDFs for at least two different patterns that no longer exist at their original URLs.

I like my new name tag.  Not my best work, but it looks pretty good for a quick side project.  And it was done in time for the Fall Ball.

I like the Fall Ball!  Twelve hours of dancing from noon to midnight.  I pooped out at 10pm (facing a two hour drive home).  Once again, I danced around 17 miles and spent most of Sunday on the couch and limped around the house.  So worth it!

I like my pair of fuzz-butts.  They're both kind of eggplant shaped.  I especially like Mabel's zig-zag pattern.

Rob laughed at me last week while I squealed as my odometer flipped from 149,999 to 150,000.  I had wondered which would happen first 15 years or 150k.  Pretty close - my car turns 15 in two months.  Go little car!

I stopped off at the library on Tuesday to pick up a book and the librarian said I've been missed.  The last two books I've read had been loaned to me by friends, so I haven't had anything checked out in weeks.  I like the Rehoboth library (they had feared I was skipping out on them to go to the Seekonk library instead!).  It's nice to be missed!

More Rumi.  I'm not sure if I could give a practical example of what's being said here, but I like the sentiment.

Spirit and Body
Don't feed both sides of yourself equally.
The spirit and the body carry different loads
and require different attentions.
                                               Too often
we put saddlebags on Jesus and let the donkey
run loose in the pasture.
                                    Don't make the body do
what the spirit does best, and don't put a big load
on the spirit that the body could easily carry.

Whew - that was a long post.  Sorry about that!  If you're still up for reading, there's more goodness over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Jump in!


  1. Hi Sally! Oh, those furry butts. They always make me smile. Your dress looks beautiful! What is the occasion that you will be wearing it for? Your new little clips look great for hanging a quilt for photos. I usually just use a pant/trouser hanger on each end of the quilt. Then I hang it from the molding around the closet - hmm, maybe that's why my photos aren't all that great. Huh! Oh, those bird feeders - I can just imagine that word got around very quickly. Enjoy the view! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I also have those them. I have a skirt to hem, but I keep putting it off. My local library is closed for the next year for construction additions...I went to another library, where they were very nice, but I miss my "book people".

  3. Hi Just wrote you a long comment that got deleted by something in my google thingy. Sadly I am not as savvy about this as I should be. Meanwhile I love your dancing workout and those two precious little bodies.

  4. Sounds the bird community put out the word that dinner had been served! I love watching the birds out our windows -they're very entertaining. The Fall Ball sounds amazing and like a really fun way to exercise!

  5. eggplant shapes... me too. I'm now no longer an apple, I'm an eggplant and neither one has a waist! Your dress is gorgeous. Are the clips regular curtain ones? Do they mess up the quilt by gripping it tightly?

  6. that quote is very intriguing but i think i need an example...

  7. I'm interested in more info on your clips, too. Your feeder looks great and it sounds like the birds agree! Ten hours of dancing?! Wow!

  8. I need to prep my winter bird feeders, but I wait until there is nothing for the little buggers to forage. Otherwise they get lazy. LOL Cute dress. My hubby put up a rod (he found a pipe and painted it with a hammered textured spray paint) and I put those curtain clips to hang quilts. I wished I had bought 2 packages 7 clips don't quite go far enough for a big quilt.

  9. That is so awesome that your library missed you! It's like the cheers bar only healthier (though I'll not turn down a tasty beer). Congrats on getting to display your quilts at the [other?] library, will you share pictures of which ones? That's exciting!

  10. Love the bambinos! Congrats on getting your quilts accepted for exhibition! Way to go! Stay well! Hugs!

  11. Useful clips you found to hang your quilts and congrats on having them displayed at the library. Pretty dress.


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