Monday, October 1, 2018

Out Cold

I walked by the cage on Friday afternoon and found Mabel and Wedgwood out cold.  Just look at those sacked out pigs.

Wedgwood was sleeping so soundly she didn't even notice when I started snapping photos.  Never even budged.  However, Mabel perked up.  She was hoping I'd be handing out treats.  Yes?  Goodies for being cute?  (But Mabel, I wanted photos of you sleeping!)
I found a video I had forgotten a post to show the other end of the lazy spectrum:  Wedgwood and Mabel can be amazingly industrious and loud.  I shot this a few weeks ago during cage cleaning.

When they get tired of wandering around living room, being chased from the corners they don't belong, they focus on pulling the grids.  Hey!  These are in the way!  We want to get back in the cage!  Not exactly subtle, are they.

Of course, once they get back into the cage, it's time to sack out again.  What a life.


  1. This reminds me so much of the way some of my herd will make two heavy iron hay mangers bang against the wall of my workshop. It sounds like they are tearing the building down. And it doesn't get the hay into their mouths any faster!

  2. I was a bit worried when you said they were "out cold"! Your Mabel and Wedgwood are sweet. My, Wedgwood is a determined miss isn't she and strong with those teeth of hers.

  3. I was gonna say I saw an open eye... Love them

  4. Hi again - I love how one pulled on one side and the other on the other side, and then they switched! These two are so darn cute.
    ~smile~ Roseanne


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