Thursday, October 4, 2018

I Like Thursday: Remnants

It was a packed weekend of running errands, last minute changes and long drives.  But I've found time to play around with photos, edit videos, cut some fabric.

I snapped these late last week.  One wouldn't usually describe decay as beautiful.  But I love the colors, the textures.  I've not seen anything like those little yellow cones before.  They're really tiny.  They died back the very next day, so I was lucky to have caught them at all.  They've started to peek out again with the rain this week.

I really, really like those shots.

Between life and the Y's pool being down for maintenance I haven't swam since August.  But I did on Tuesday!  A mile in 35 minutes - yay!  A pretty good time after such a long break.

I like that I caught Mabel and Wedgwood sleeping together.  Wedgwood had been doing really well through September, but has had a rough start to October.  I hope her current tummy troubles are a blip and she returns to her more comfortable self.

I like that I finally picked up the thread to quilt my other Homebase quilt.  (Although I'm not thrilled that I had to do this twice - my first choice of thread kept breaking on my test piece - I went back and got a different kind.)  Wound bobbins and starting on that this week.  Yay!

I decided how to use the last of the Italian fabric.  This was fabric my mom gave me for quilting, but it turned out to be stretch, not plain woven cotton.  I made a dress out of one, which did not look as I expected.  I just cut the rest (the pattern/color I really liked) for a dance skirt.  Even though I've used this skirt pattern before, this is another experiment.  First, there wasn't enough fabric for the normal length - so this is going to be a shorter skirt than the others.  I had to modify the pattern.  Also the pattern doesn't suggest using cotton (but I've seen skirts like it).  We'll see how it works out.  But I'm happy to be using the fabric.

Although I may not be confident how the skirt will come out, I cut the remaining bits for knot bags.  I am far more confident these will look nice.

I'm hoping to show off some quilting by next week.  Skirt, bags, hem a dress, and then I'll be starting on my next wedding quilt!

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  1. So much to like in this post Sally. Love seeing the little ones. We are of a like mind, finding interest and beauty in these things we spy. I've been meaning to take my camera on the dog walks as there is a whole new crop of mushrooms around.Happy Sewing!

  2. Hi Sally! I have to go read about Mabel and Wedgewood. I always look forward to updates from those two cuties. Good luck with your dance skirt! I don't know why you couldn't use cotton . . . Happy Thursday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. The photos are really, even in decay!

  4. It@ always interesting to see what the addition of some moisture brings out! Your fungi pics are fun! Good for you on the swimming, too. Hope Wedgwood will be okay. I always enjoy your posts about the guinea pigs!

  5. I was just thinking yesterday when photographing fungus on a tree that I wish I could be as useful and beautiful in my own decay as trees are in theirs. I hadn't planned to share that thought, but now, how can I not? :)

  6. Those fungi and lichens are awesome! Mushrooms always have such crazy colors- I saw some bright orange ones this weekend too- and in my neck of the woods they're often the only bright colored thing amid the more somber forets/prairie colors...


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