Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Quilt Show: Small Quilts

I went to a quilt show over the weekend.  The quilts were displayed in two galleries.  The first was all large quilts (posted here).  The second area had smaller quilts and wall hangings.

This village quilt was matted and framed.  It made a pretty picture.  Lots of little detail.

(Click on any photo to enlarge.)

I really liked the greens and neutrals of the table topper quilt.  Ten points on that star made it interesting.

Storm at Seas is a favorite pattern of mine.  I love how different it can look depending on the colors used.  I think this was part of a crayon challenge (they pick three random crayons from a box and only use fabrics of those colors).  I would never think to run the colors along the lines like that.

I was impressed with the way this turkey was assembled.  The tail was all prairie points as were parts of the maple leaves.  Such a fun quilt.

This piece was truly amazing.  All those blocks were ribbon embroidery and tiny applique.  I should have taken a detail shot (although my camera was balking at the low light - I had a hard time snapping this!).

The hydrangea were beautiful.  The 3D was nicely done. I wanted to touch the flowers.

This was big for a wall hanging.  It had to have been as tall as I was.  It hung wonderfully flat.  Colors were interesting, but I was particularly amused by the flamingo fabric used in the center.

And last are these two.  I loved the dress, which was another crayon challenge quilt.  The applique was terrific and was delighted with the little rosettes and sparkly bits.  It's a beautiful dress, let alone a quilt.

I really liked the composition of the tree quilt.  All those little triangles were no more than three-quarters of an inch wide.  They had all been placed on the quilt, then quilted over to keep them in place.  I thought the colors were stunning, too.

All in all, a good time.  I'm glad I stopped in to look (brought home some loot, too - so well worth the price of admission!).

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Kim said...

Aren't people clever. All are fabulous, though I really like the house quilt and the Hydrangeas one....of course. I love the 3D effect of this one.