Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Cilantro Tug-of-War

Mabel came down down the ramp to mooch at me on Saturday afternoon.  I rummage through the fridge for some cilantro.  I made her come out on the floor for it, but didn't let go.  A tug-of-war ensued.  Mabel fled before we could grab the camera.

Later, both Wedgwood and Mabel came down.  I bet Wedg smelled cilantro on Mabel's breath.  One does not let another guinea pig eat all the good stuff alone!  This time we grabbed cilantro and the camera at the same time.

Wedg and Mabel are so entertaining.  And persistent!  Even on that slippery wood floor. 

Both pigs have been doing well.  Wedgwood has now passed the six-month prediction the vet had made, much to everyone's surprise and delight.  She continues to shift weight from her shoulders to the back, making her look really bulgy.  She's a little gimpy - her back legs splay from time to time (you can see she has a hard time tucking them under her in the video).  Beyond that, Wedgie keeps trucking along and rests comfortably.  It's all I can ask for.

Mabel gets sludgy from time to time, so I keep an eye on her.  Her weight continues to stay up and she hasn't gotten destructive - that indicates she's doing well.

Happy pigs.  Happy me.  Now if I'd only just hand over the cilantro without making them work for it.

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  1. that was terrific! Loved watching them eat, tug the cilatro and glad that wedge is feisty still. LeeAnna


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