Tuesday, March 12, 2019

More Block A

I lettered my blocks to keep them all straight.  These are my A blocks, with potential backgrounds.  I'm envisioning a lot of mix-and-matching once I have enough blocks to start laying out the quilt.

Still learning.  These blocks have a bit of padding along the edges to make sure I can cut them down to 12½" square.  I also discovered not to cut the centers or the solid strip until the rest was sewn up.  The colors I picked at the start didn't seem to go at the end.  I swapped gold for black, and red, purple and gold for dark blue and bright yellow.  It's interesting how it all works together.

I've started hanging the blocks on the wall, to get an overall feel as it progresses.  My cutting table is a disaster area.  I started with neatly folded fabric arranged by colors but that didn't last long.  At least I clipped together the pattern pieces for each block before I stacked them all on the chair.  I've had to dig through them at least three times already, and I've only used two patterns so far! 

As you can see, there's fabric and scraps tossed all over the place.  I've managed to keep most of the yellow and gold on the chairs, the rest on the table.  I dig through the piles to pick whatever color I'm going to sew next.  It's not pretty, but the method seems to be working.

Onto block C.  One down, two to go.  

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  1. I think a mess whilst one is in the throes of stitching a quilt is mandatory. Can one ever be tidy??? I don't think so. What you have done thus far is fabulous. This is going to be an amazing quilt.

  2. Sally, do you use a rotary cutter for all your sewing projects, or just for quilting? I've never used one, but with arthritis becoming more painful in my hands, I'm wondering if it would be worth investing in one for cutting out garment pieces. Thanks for any advice!

  3. Those blocks are looking just great! I like the variety of colors you're combining in the blocks. I enjoy a good scrappy mess - because you know it will get cleaned up eventually!

  4. Love them. I am doing a nyb right now too. I think I have 11 blocks done.

    I will be watching as yours progresses.


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