Monday, March 18, 2019

NYB C Blocks & D Blocks

Six more blocks done!  First the C blocks - I included the A block in the photo because I didn't want a blank corner.

I'm partial to the high-contrast ones.  On the other hand, I think the blended blocks will keep the quilt from being too busy.

I've been taping these all to the wall.  This is the first time I wished I had an honest-to-goodness design wall.  Normally I cut everything out, lay it out in my design floor, arrange it, then pin it together and pick it up.  It's transient.  These, though... I want to see all of them to help me choose what colors to make the next one.  I could use something a bit more permanent than the floor.  The tape isn't holding so well, so I'm cobbling something together with string and mini clothespins.  It's holding so far....

And look!  A productive week - I have D blocks done, too.  They have some of the new fabrics my quilt told me to put in:  the rust and pale yellow in the upper left, and a new orange I picked up Saturday in the lower right.

I must have traced the points on the outer ring slightly off - the fourth point on every block is just slightly shorter than the rest.  It really demonstrates how precise paper piecing is compared to cutting the pieces first and assembling them.
There's only one block (F) that has more pieces than this one.  So E should be easy (other than picking the colors!).

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  1. Those are wonderful, Sally! So many interesting details! The D blocks with their inner points that go in a different direction really catch your eye. I like the rust and pale yellow in the mix, too. How many of the different blocks do you need to make?

  2. Your blocks are looking very impressive, Sally. The addition of the rust, yellow and orange fabrics are a great addition.

  3. These are fabulous Sally! Pointy blocks like this are on my bucket list and you're inspiring me to move them up the list a ways. Do you have any blank wall space at all? I have a super low tech design wall. I tacked a length of 80/20 batting to a wall with push-pins. It isn't super pretty, and I wish I had a slightly large wall space to make it a little bigger, but it has served me well for almost 10 years now, moving from one wall to another if I rearrange my space.

  4. I am really really loving your NYB blocks! Like I said in a previous comment on another post, I am making one too. Watching yours gives me color placement inspiration.


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