Monday, March 11, 2019

Lose Some, Win Some

I walked into the kitchen to find this grape tomato in the middle of the floor.  Which was odd, because when I had last seen this tomato, it was with Mabel under the stool at the bottom of their ramp.  She'd even managed to bite into it.  Grape tomatoes are tricky:  tough skins to bite into and they have a tendency to roll away.  Usually once a guinea pig pierces the skin, they can conquer the rest of it.

Evidently, not Mabel.

I've seen guinea pigs roll stubborn tomatoes into corners, hold it down with a paw to keep it from rolling long enough to bite into it.  One of my pigs knew to bite straight down into it.  Mabel does not have any of those talents.

I saw this and wondered - did it just keep getting away from her?  She's not afraid of the wood floor but I can't imagine her following it that far.  Far more amusing that she attempted to take a second bite and shot it across the floor and she had no idea where it went.  Mabel fail.

Wedgwood and Mabel continue to get breakfast on the floor.  It's a nice routine - I sweep out the cage while they're eating.  Mabel often heads back in first; she dislikes arguing with Wedgwood over the last pieces of lettuce.  Besides, she likes to be first to the freshly-filled pellet bowl.  This time, though, she paused at the top of the ramp.  Mabel managed to grab one of the last pieces of lettuce on her way up.  The ramp is narrow, so even if Wedg was in pursuit, she wouldn't be able to get by Mabel to snatch that last piece of lettuce.  Nicely done, Mabel!  She managed to polish it off before Wedgwood noticed - and got to the pellet bowl first.  For the win! 


  1. Well if she lost with the tomato, she certainly won the last bite of lettuce.

  2. omP
    Mable is a strong female... know what to fight for and when to fold... I like her!


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