Tuesday, March 26, 2019

NYB E Blocks

This block was surprisingly time consuming considering it had less pieces than others I've done so far.  I had difficulty keeping the curves flat and smooth.  I tore the freezer paper while peeling it off my first piece.  Had to print and fold another one.  The outer rim was problematic - I no longer had a single large swath of the fabric I wanted for this piece.  I was smart to have cut my other large pieces first; I just hadn't considered this block.  I was ironing the last block when I found a deep nick in one of the pieces.  I had to carefully remove and replace the piece.  What a pain.

Aren't they pretty, though?

Rummaging through piles of color and tracking shards of fabric throughout the house spurred me to reorganize and clean up.  The small pieces of hay that migrate into every room is being eclipsed by small scraps of this quilt.

I dug out a pair of clip hangers.  They were perfect to get the scraps off the table, so they aren't buried.  Easy to find when I need them.  The other hanger holds corner pieces.  Now I know where to look when it's time for photos).

I folded the bigger chunks of fabric and stacked them back on the table.  So now I can see all the colors I'm working with at a glance, instead of digging through a random heap.  Much better!

Onward to block F!  This one has the most pieces of the bunch.  should be fun.

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  1. Pretty blocks Sally, although they look tricky.

  2. Great NYB blocks. On my bucket list is a NYB quilt designed by Karen Stone.


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