Sunday, January 1, 2023

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is done and gifted!  It came out as lovely as I had imagined when I first picked the pattern and fabrics.

I really enjoyed piecing this one together, based on the Squareburst pattern from 13 Spools.  I sized down the original blocks to be 9" finished, so the quilt is a little under 45" square. 

My quilting stash is small, so I was amazed that I pulled all these ocean and sea glass colors.  The whole quilt is from fabrics I had on hand (and extras from another recent pastel finish).

The front went together so smoothly.  Then I had to figure out what to do for the back.  I picked a chunk of cream, then added in blocks of color used in the front of the quilt.  

Quilting turned out to be a challenge.  I wanted to do big curly waves.  I ran into two problems - breaking thread and a pattern too big for my machine.  I really need to get a longarm if I keep imagining wide, sweeping quilting patterns.

I kept the one swirling wave I managed to stitch and switched to more simple waves.  That was still problematic until I narrowed my woes to the bobbin.  Once I cleaned that out the rest of the quilting finished up quickly.

The quilting thread had a bit of a shimmer to it, which I liked.  I'm finally starting to improve on my binding corners - they're almost square.   So it may not have been quite as I imagined, but it came out much as I had hoped.  

It was hard to find a sunny spot to shoot the photos midday on the solstice.  But the shadows and the snow went quite nicely with the quilt.

My cousin loves the quilt and I'm sure her little girl will get lots of use from it.  

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  1. Sea Glass is beautiful, Sally! I really love those colors, and the blocks you chose for them, too. That's a really pretty photo of the quilt outside in the snow, but also so precious with your cousin's little girl!

  2. Oh, what a beauty Sea Glass is, Sally! Such a sweet wee one snuggled under her new quilt. She will love it for years to come.

  3. It’s beautiful! I love all the different blues of delight.

  4. So pretty - and the colors are certainly sea-glassian! I love all the pictures. I took a similar outdoor picture of the first baby hap on exactly the same type of chair, but it was an overcast day and the effect was rather dour. Needed to wait for sun! I'm hoping someday to get a picture of both the hap-babies together with their reverse-tone haps...fingers crossed :)

  5. Hi Sally, what a lovely quilt and all fabrics from your stash - bonus! I'm sure that your cousin's baby will grow up loving it! Please feel free to link up to Free Motion Mavericks. Have a great day!

  6. Sea Glass is the perfect name for your beautiful quilt. How exciting that the fabrics are all from your stash! Your quilting finishes it off in style.

  7. The colors are beautiful and it certainly reminds me of sea glass. It looks so sweet with the baby cuddled under it!

  8. Sea Glass is beautiful in the snow and the baby makes it look so comfy.

  9. Love the calming colours, very pretty.

  10. I live by the sea, and the colours in this lovely quilt are spot on.


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