Monday, July 31, 2017

Careful Cutting

I spent a lot of Saturday measuring and cutting.

First - I finished my stacks of shirt blocks!  All 90 or so of them.  Some fabrics were easier to deal with than others, so I finished all the difficult shirts first.  I'm thinking about how I want to arrange the blocks as I moved to the next project:  the dress.

Oh, it's been years since I've made clothing.  I forgot how tedious it is to pin the pattern.  Then there's the cutting - I triple checked the pieces because if I cut one of the big pieces wrong, there's not enough fabric left to fix it!  I left it pinned on the floor for about an hour before I was ready to take the scissors to it.

The pattern has long sleeved and sleeveless options.  I want short sleeves.  I had just enough fabric to cut some sleeves.  I'll sew them together to see how they look - I suspect they're really short!

I dropped off the charity quilt tops on Thursday evening.  Yay!  I got a tour where the group meets on Mondays and a peek at their supplies.  They've got quite a setup, including fabric swapping with other charity groups all going to good causes.  Very cool.

I had four test blocks of the zig-zag quilt (oh! and I discovered pattern is called twisted rail).  They were a little smaller and a different color combination than the rest, so I couldn't use them in the quilt.  Instead I sewed them into a knot bag.  While I had the pattern out, why make one when I could make two?  I used up some leftover extra pink strips with more of my green floral print.  I love how they look together!

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  1. I bow to your sewing skills. Clothing scares me. I can follow the directions just fine, but I am at sea when any deviation from the pattern is required to make things fit properly. Have no clue how to go about it!


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