Monday, June 11, 2018

Boston Spring Pignic 2018

The Boston Spring Pignic had a lot of firsts.  It was Mabel's first pignic.  It was the first time (that I can remember) that both of my girls went in (and stayed in) the common sow's pen.  Eventually Wedgwood had enough, but she played nicely for quite a while.  Lastly, an interesting first - it's the first time we've had more boars than sows.  It was close:  20 boars, 17 sows.  A lot of those males came in pairs, which is so cool.  Word has gotten out over the 15 years we've been holding pigics that boars can be kept together.  Years ago most boars came in as singletons and were so excited to meet other guinea pigs!

There were several first-time pignicker, but that's normal.  Always nice to see new faces along with the familiar return visits.  We had big pigs (Lenny, at 1532g) and small pigs (Baci at 774 - adult weight!).  There was a long haired texel guinea pig that several people wanted to pignap, and lots of American and Abyssinian pigs.  Wedgwood spent some time chilling in a pigloo with Cordelia.  So unexpected, since Cordelia doesn't get along with her companion, and Wedgwood doesn't tend to share with anyone.  And yet, they snuggled together quite happily.  Go figure.

Of course there's additional photos here.  I may add more links as people post photos.

A few pigs were overwhelmed with the travel, grass, guinea pigs, food, people, everything! and needed a time out.  I met this guy (whose name I can't remember but I'm sure someone will identify for me) who was a little aggressive with the other boars.  He was adorable and wanted to go back in with everyone so badly!  Please, please pick me up and put me in with the rest of the boars!  I couldn't video and pet him at the same time, but he was so very friendly.

The grass was so green, the weather was perfect.  We couldn't have ordered a better day.  The Pig Patrol kept busy answering questions, handing out information, breaking up scuffles and clipping nails.  They're the people that keep this pignic working smoothly.  Huzzah!

I surprised several people when I pulled out Mabel.  They had heard that Wedgwood was to be the last, so who's this newbie?

Both my girls were wiped after the pignic.  There were awake enough to bicker a few times on the way home like a pair of overly tired toddlers.  They seriously sacked out once back in the cage, only stirring when they heard dinner was served.

I was impressed with Mabel.  I didn't pay attention how active she was when I put them in their pen.  Once she was in the common sow's pen, she spent a lot of time wandering around and eating.  The few times I saw her resting, she wasn't totally zonked out.  This is an improvement from the day we met her, in which she flopped down, worn out, after 30 minutes of meeting Wedgwood.  What a nice surprise to really see she's doing better.

Whew!  We all survived a big day out.  Now we have fond memories to dream about until the next one.


  1. A pignic...just about the coolest new to me thing I've ever heard of! So glad a good time was had by all.

  2. Your Mabel and Wedgwood do have a wonderful life; a fun! Your girls look cute in the last photo. A hammock, now that's really cool.

  3. This was so cool! Glad Mabel is adjusting so well. The girls are so adorable!!

  4. Too bad I am so far from Boston - I would come hang out with the pigs, if you welcome former pig partners! What a wonderful event, and pleased Mabel enjoyed it!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all, what fun, a pignic to be repeated.


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