Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Chick Yoga Weekend XVI

Ah!  A weekend at Kripalu.  I look forward to this every year and this year did not disappoint.  The weather started out hot and humid, but it was sunny most of the time.  I hiked with my sister on multiple days, including a trail I've been meaning to try for years.  Pretty views, lots of greens and blues; some surprising oranges (the little newt? salamander? was so tiny my camera refused to focus on it). 

I have been remiss with my yoga in the last year, but did pretty well in classes.  I must be in shape because I wasn't stiff and sore each morning (although a couple of dips in the whirlpool may have helped).

I spent as much time as I could outdoors, reading or writing.  Some swinging chairs have been added to the grounds in the last year or so.  Love them!  I sat in one spot for nearly an hour and didn't see another soul.  The tranquility and solitude were wonderful.

Not that this was a solo weekend.  My friends and I took over a dorm room for eight.  We were excited to have the place to ourselves, on the first floor, close to the whirlpool.  Woot!

The weekend was full of doing things together and separately, then joining up again and to catch up on what we discovered or discussing all that has happened in the last year (some of us only see each other once a year).  I organize this trip with a yoga instructor and spent some time with her and her friends.  Laughed over stories of goat yoga, the "fun" of aging and the ups and downs of life. 

Kripalu is such a healing place.  It did my soul much good to spend a weekend mostly doing what comes to mind (which was occasionally nothing at all).  The warmth and memories should sustain me for another year.  Namaste!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful interlude, all around!
    (And you're right, that amazing little critter is an eft; juvenile phase of the eastern/red-spotted newt. I see them every day here.)


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