Friday, June 8, 2018

It Has Started to Speak!

I purchased three more fat quarters on Sunday and finally, finally! the quilt is starting to speak to me.  This was the initial haphazard throw down I did last night.  I was looking simply for color combination and basic placement.  It's talking, and I like what it's saying.

These are the three new additions.  The whole quilt needed to be cooled down and these worked really nicely as a transition for my other blues and greens.  One fabric has a terrific mix of the gold and green; I need to cut more of that to help blend the rest.  I may need to add a bit more of the greenish gold to the other gold blocks.

Oh, I am so happy!  I am dying to get this off the floor.

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  1. I'm enjoying your process, and love the fabrics and pattern you're using.
    It's going to be great. What is the name of the pattern, if you know?

  2. The new fabrics are lovely, aren't they. I too am enjoying the progress of this quilt, the toings and froings as you decide which colour and fabric arrangements speak to you. I am beginning to hear the excitement in your voice.


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