Thursday, June 7, 2018

I Like Thursday: Orange and Green

I'm not on stride this week - I'll blame that on a long weekend at Kripalu (a yoga and retreat center).  I went hiking nearly every day.  So much to see and do (and not do).

I liked this little critter we found right in the middle of the path.  We thought he was plastic at first, he was so bright.  He was so small my camera didn't want to focus on him.  Neat!

I like the sunlight on the leaves in the trees.  So much of where we hiked was heavily shaded.  Then we suddenly came across this opening in the canopy and the leaves just glowed!  Beautiful.

Back to orange:  look at that fungus!  They were nearly as bright orange as the newt.  I don't know how I missed them the first day, but they leapt out at us on Sunday's hike.

I liked spending time with my sister and my friends over the weekend.  I also liked having a lot of time to myself with not a single thing I had to do.  Truly wonderful.

And you'll laugh - I bought even MORE fabric for my Homebase quilt.  More batiks - they're pretty stuff.  I think I understand the problems I've been having with it.  We'll see how it goes!

I liked this diner.  Look at the glass and stainless steel and the odd angles.  What fun.  Good food, too.

I like that I found a robin's nest right next to the front door yesterday morning.  I heard faint chirping as I went out the door.  I looked in the small ornamental tree (I was sure it was too small to harbor a nest), and there it was!  Along with a disapproving mama bird, so I quickly left (and thus no photo).

As always, there's other things to ooh and aah over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. The newt is a bright fellow and how glorious photo of the sunlight forcing its way through the canopy. It sounds as if you enjoyed a fabulous weekend. That diner is such an interesting building. Look forward to seeing how you incorporate your new fabrics into your quilt.

  2. I like when you figure out the problem with a sewing project...opens up a whole new path of creating.

  3. Look at that newt - wow! I bet that was a fun surprise! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  4. I want that kind of weekend! It sounds wonderful! The newt is awesome! We used to find them in our backyard years ago, so much fun!!

  5. Hi Sally,
    Ooh, that Diner looks like fun! I would love to go eat there. Spending time with your sister and friends, along with some reflection time sounds heavenly. Ahh, I can just hear the quiet and peacefulness you enjoyed. More fabric . . . yes, well. I've got nothing to say about that other than I hope you found the perfect thing! ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I'm with Michele...I want that weekend too! Sounds lovely and I can hear the enjoyment in your words. Amazing colour on that little creature and perhaps you will be able to get a photo of growing chicks sometime. Robins are amazing really.

  7. OMG, the likes this week are so awesome. I'm so inspired and grateful for all of your posts. That color of the tiny newt is unbelievable. He didn't try to blend in, he shown with a brilliant light! The glow of those trees is magnificent, and tells us how to do color in quilts. Speaking of which, good on you to figure out what your latest needs. Time away was good wasn't it?

  8. Oh your newt is fabulous! We used to catch newts when I was a kid. The ones in Oregon were brown with bright orange bellies. I like the sun dappling through the trees too. Great I Likes this week.


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