Thursday, February 2, 2023

I Like Thursday: Starts and Ends

It's the start of a new month!  And I've started a bunch of things.  Good things to share at I Like Thursday.

I'm working a set of little blocks for this week's Project Quilting challenge.   Not a pillow this time!  These blocks are little - they'll be 3¾ inches finished.  Then I need to figure out how to assemble them into a little pouch.  Can't take too long to think about it - it needs to be done by Sunday.

I've started the Flowering Snowball quilt in earnest.  Doesn't it look great on my wall?  I need to cut a few more pieces and see what grabs me for the corners and I'm still wavering over all purple or purple and gold in the center.  But I'm nearly ready to begin the stitching.  Yay!

I've started working on chick events!  I think we've picked a date for a weekend at Kripalu and I just booked a place for the Cape weekend in the fall.  I'm feeling rather rusty at organizing stuff. 

Provolone has recently become curious about what happens outside of the cage.  He started chewing bars (bad piggy!) and peering over the edge of the third level (which is fine as long as he doesn't get it in his head to leap!).

I have started searching for a replacement for my Singer Graduate.  My mother gave me this sewing machine for my 14th birthday.  But I managed to strip the feed dog gears again and knowing there's problems with the timing belt and the motor, I think I have to give up on it.  It will be the end of an era.  I've found some possible replacements on eBay.  We'll see....

Lastly, this morning I'm going to a new dentist.  I hope I like him!  

Whew!  That's a lot of directions at once. 

I came across this last week:  a band stuck when the highway was closed decided to get out an play.  In the snow!  Check out Elk Range I70 Concert.   They're even selling hats commemorating the impromptu concert.   What a hoot!


  1. You have a lot to like this week. Those little blocks are going to make nice pouches.

  2. Love your star blocks for PQ, and beautiful layout for your Flowering Snowballs, too! I saw that video on our news - such a fun way to make the best of a bad (or typical in wintry Colorado) situation. Good luck with your sewing machine search - it's hard to replace a favorite machine!

  3. I am so impressed with your tiny blocks!

  4. Hi Sally! I love your pretty stars for PQ. And Provolone! Goodness, don't you dare think of leaping out. Little stinker. That is SO cool what the Elk Range did in their impromptu concert! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Looks like a fun little block to make. Good luck on finding a new sewing machine, never easy. Cute, curious Provolone.

  6. That band is great!! I love folks who make the best of a bad situation. Your little Provolone is adorable. I peeked at your wall quilt and it is beautiful. Good luck with your sewing machine search!

  7. Those are such cute little blocks! Provolone is such a cutie. Looks like he is planning an outing to explore a wider world.

  8. You've been so busy! I love those blocks. I can't believe how little they are! I hope Provolone doesn't jump out! He sounds very comfortable at your house!

  9. Those tiny blocks are precious! I saw the pouch you later made - so lovely and useful! Has Provolone leaped out of his cage yet? :) Cute story about the band!


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