Friday, February 3, 2023

Project Quilting 14.3: Phone Pouch

For this week's Project Quilting challenge I knew what I wanted to make before the challenge was announced: a pouch for a smartphone.  Something with a cross-body strap, just big enough to fit in a largish phone (why do they make them so big?!?) that won't fit in a small pocket (and why are those so small?!?).  

When the challenge was for the 54-40 or Fight block, I realized I'd be working with lots of little pieces.  I looked at variations of the block and I found one that looked like a cross of tulips.  I still had a bunch of dark pinks and reds I had rejected for the last challenge, plus the recipient's favorite color is red, so I went with that.

This was another of my make-it-up-as-I-go kind of project.  I knew roughly the shape and size I wanted for the pouch.  I opted for a button and elastic closure.  I had considered making a flap closure but I thought it would complicate things.  Besides, no flap would require four little blocks, not five.  Each block was a finished size of 3¾ inches.  That meant the components were 1¼, consisting of even smaller bits. 

Once I finished the blocks I needed the whole thing to be a little wider, so I added some strips on the side.

Not much quilting - just some stitch-in-the-ditch.  While I was doing that I brainstormed on how to assemble it and what to use for the strap and a closure.  I dug around and found a little slide buckle and a pearly button.  Perfect!

Putting together the lining took a while because I kept pulling it apart.  I sewed it all together without straps first, because I couldn't envision how to put them on.  As soon as the lining was in, I knew exactly how to put in the straps.  So I ripped out the lining on the edges, put it in again.  I had just finished top stitching around the top edge when I realized I hadn't put the button on.  I didn't want to stitch that through the lining as well... so out came the seam ripper again! 


It's cute!  I like the colors.  Do you think my recipient will like it?  (yes)  Do you think she'll use it for a phone she'd rather not take with her? (maybe)  We'll see!

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  1. trying to comment, we'll see if it works in chrome... I love it. I think anyone would love it! Great job with a fussy block! LeeAnna

  2. Such a vibrant and pretty phone case. The recipient should adore that.

  3. Those are some tiny stars with lots of parts! I love the colors and the variation of the 54-40 block that you found. If the recipient doesn't like it, you can send it my way! :)

  4. That's one pretty phone pouch! Oh my, all those small pieces! Love it!

  5. Goodness, so many little pieces to stitch to make that wonderful pattern. Such a pretty phone pouch. Anyone would love to have this.

  6. Very cool idea for that block!

  7. Beautiful and Perfect! Good work.
    You can wear it under your coat. No more worry about phone slipping out of a pocket.
    I think a pouch sewn inside of coat liner would be nice as well.

  8. Beautifully executed tiny piecing and I love the way the block was altered to look like tulips.

  9. What a great phone pouch. The design and fabrics are all so pretty.

  10. Super cute phone holder!!! I would use it. SEW need to make something similar for myself!


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