Thursday, September 27, 2018

I Like Thursday: Getting Things Done

I have been a bad girl and have not gotten out walking or swimming all week (although I did have a wonderful evening of dancing).  But as shmoo-ish as I've been feeling (the dark and the rain aren't helping), I've gotten a lot done.

I like that it's time for boxes of tomatoes.  We've been enjoying our homemade tomato sauce the last couple of years, so we've started on this year's batch.  This whole box boiled down to five pints of sauce.  Hardly seems worth it - but it is.  This makes me happy.

I like that I finished Shiplapped!  It's even been labeled.  Now it just needs a home.  Well... after I admire it a bit more.  I also like that Rob was willing to hold it up for photos.  That thing is heavy!  I had a couple of shots with mysterious feet sticking out, but I like that this one looks like it's just hanging in mid-air.

While we were out there, Rob snapped these photos of the bees.  I hadn't even noticed.  So pretty!

I like that I've been baking.  Finally bought some zucchini and made chocolate zucchini cake.  This time I poured it in a 9x13" pan which makes it easier to bag up and freeze (so I don't eat it all at once).  I finally posted the blueberry cake recipe, too. 

I am entirely grateful for the kitchen elf that lives in the house.  I created this disaster in an evening of making dinner, baking a cake, a batch of granola, and roasting some vegetables.  In the morning it was all cleaned (without the help of a functioning dishwasher).  How lucky am I??

Oh, and the badness continues....  I made a batch of the candy corn bark and covered the remaining pretzels with chocolate.  I've had to make room in the freezer to hide them so I don't eat it all!

I really need to get out and walk.

Whew!  Lots of good stuff.  If you haven't had your fill, there's more good stuff over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Check it out.


  1. Thank you for sharing all the yummy recipes. I am with you...hide it out in another freezer!

  2. I hide my extra good things in the same place. When the mood hits to bake, you just have to go with it. Love the way that quilt turned out, so colourful. We have goldenrod too with lots of bees though with the cooler temps, they are moving a little slower. Thanks for the links!

  3. candy corn bark! For barking out loud!
    The quilt is just magnifico! I love how it came out.

  4. Hi Sally! Candy corn bark - say what??!!!! Shiplapped is just fabulous. Wowee - I hope you share some up close and personal pictures of it. By the way, I love the random feet under quilts - I think they look cute. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Your candy corn bark looks yummy, but I admit I really am partial to pretzels covered in chocolate! Where do you get your boxes of tomatoes? That is quite a haul! Homemade tomato sauce - sounds like that is great to have on hand!

  6. My Mom used to can everything under the sun, so your box of tomatoes and description of sauce got me walking down memory lane. I have a couple of family members who make quilts, and one of them is lucky enough to have a very tall husband with a special gift for holding up quilts without showing any feet! Oh, and by the way, is your kitchen elf available for hire?


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